Türkiye’de İki Dillilik Konulu Tezler Üzerine Bibliyometrik Bir İnceleme (1988-2022)


This study identifies Ph.D. and M.A. dissertations on bilingualism in Türkiye between 1988 and 2022 and analyzes these theses according to years, academic levels, universities, departments, advisors’ academic titles, languages in which they are written, methods, data collection tools, data analysis methods and determines their distribution according to the sample group. Accordingly, the data is available without applying any filters to the postgraduate dissertations archived in the Higher Education Council National Thesis Center database with the “Advanced Search” option using the keywords “Bilingual” and “Bilingualism”. Dissertations available for access are downloaded online. The dissertations that are not accessible and do not have publishing permit are accessed via TÜBESS through the University Library. So, 115 dissertations are included in the study. The data of the study are analyzed with the bibliometric analysis. According to the results of the study, scientific research on bilingualism started in 1988 and this increased after 2014. The largest number of studies are done in 2021. Most of these dissertations are MA theses. The largest number of dissertations are presented at Gazi University. In the distribution of dissertations on bilingualism according to departments, the Department of Turkish and Social Sciences Education is the department where most studies are carried out. In the distribution of dissertations according to advisors’ academic titles, the majority of them are supervised by associate professors. In the distribution of dissertations by language, Turkish ranks first and English ranks second. Qualitative and quantitative research are almost equal to scientific research methods in dissertations. While surveys are most preferred as a data collection tool, descriptive analysis is most used as a data analysis technique. The sample group is mostly adults.

Bilingualism, Turkish education, Bibliometric analysis, Postgraduate dissertations