Afganistan’daki Türkçe Öğretimi Merkezleri Üzerine Bir Değerlendirme


In this study, the situation of Turkish language teaching centres in Afghanistan was evaluated. Turkish has been taught as one of the most important foreign languages in Afghanistan for a long time. In this study, it was tried to determine the history of Turkish language teaching in the country. In addition, it is aimed to give the latest information about when the Turkish teaching centres in Afghanistan were established, which Turkish teaching sets are used in these centres, how many Turkish language centres there are, the number of teaching staff and the number of classrooms. According to the results obtained, while some Turkish education centers have been added in civilian areas in Afghanistan in recent years, Turkish teaching activities in military education centers have decreased. At the end of the study, considering the social interaction aspect of language and the relationship between language and thought, some suggestions for the future of Turkish language teaching centers in Afghanistan are presented.

Afghanistan, Turkish Teaching Centers, Turcology