Ana Dil ve Yabancı Dil Olarak Türkçe Öğretiminde Dinleme Becerisine Yönelik Ölçeklerin İncelenmesi


This research aims to determine the stages used in the scale development and adaptation process specifically for listening skills in Turkish language teaching. It employs document and content analysis to examine the studies. The subject of the research consists of studies on scale development and adaptation, the full texts of which can be accessed online, for listening skills in Turkish language teaching, which are included in the Turkish Measurement Tools Index (Tr: TOAD). The research examines 25 scale development and adaptation studies as a result of the searches done in the index. 21 of these studies consist of scale development and 4 of them consist of scale adaptation studies. The findings obtained as a result of the research show that throughout scale development studies, the literature review is carried out, field experts are consulted and item analyses are performed. In addition, the Cronbach's Alpha reliability determination method, one of the internal consistency reliability determination methods, is used in most of the studies, and scale application instructions are prepared in very few of them. In scale adaptation, the necessary permissions are obtained for adaptation throughout the studies, and translators who are proficient in both cultures are selected for language equivalence, and validity studies are started with exploratory factor analysis. In this way, the research reveals the stages, similarities, and differences in scale development and adaptation studies for listening skills.

Turkish language Teaching Listening skills Scale development Scale adaptation